Exporting Your Nexband.com Address Book

Exporting your Address Book contacts from Nexband's email service is quick and easy. The most common scenario for doing this is if you are planning to move your Address Book to a different email provider or to an email program like Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail.

To begin, surf to http://mail.nexband.com/

Your screen should look like the one below. Enter your email address and password, then make sure that the box below your password has “Webmail Lite” showing. If that box says anything other than “Webmail Lite”, click it and change it to “Webmail Lite”, as these instructions are based on that interface.

login screen

Click the “Addresses” button

Click the “Export” button

A little window like the one shown below should appear. Click the “Export to CSV File” button.

At the bottom of the window, a little notice will pop up looking like the one below.


Click the little black triangle on the right side of the “Save” button.

If you clicked the little black triangle, you’ll see a menu pop up like the one below. Click “Save As”.

Now you’ll be picking where on your computer to save the file. Many people like saving it to their Desktop area so they’ll know where it is, so that is what the below picture shows. To select the Desktop, we looked on the left side of that little window and found “Desktop” under the Favorites section and clicked it. If you want to save the file to your Desktop like our example, click once on “Desktop” like we have done in the below picture, then click the “Save” button.

Save As dialog box

You may get a notice at the bottom of your window that looks like the one below. You do not need to click anything on that notice.

Now, it is time to log out of your Nexband email account. In the upper-right of your Nexband email window, you’ll notice the words “Sign Out”. Click the words “Sign Out” and you will be logged out of your Nexband email account.

If you completed all the above steps, you should now have your Address Book contacts exported.

Please note that we cannot provide support for other email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, or other non-Nexband services, but we do not prevent you from using such services. Simply be aware that if you use a non-Nexband email service, we will not be able to help you with any problems you encounter with that email service.

Below are links to support pages at some of the commonly-seen non-Nexband email services:

Gmail Help:

Yahoo Mail for Desktop:


If you want to put your Address Book onto a non-Nexband email service, you’ll need to find out if and how that service allows you to Import address book information from “CSV” files. If their Import feature needs to know, the file you created with the above instructions is a “CSV” file, is “Comma Separated”, and uses “Double-quotes”.