Limited Time Offer!

CTC Fiber Internet - up to 200Mbps!
Only $79.95 per month
-No “data caps”-
(includes voice at no additional cost)

Call to find out what speeds are available in your neighborhood TODAY!

(This is a limited-time offer requiring a 2-year contract and is for residential use only; Restrictions apply, call 706-375-3195 for details. This service is only available in areas where CTC provides fiber optic residential Internet service. Call to determine if this service is available to your area. All CTC Internet service offerings are subject to Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policies available at and from CTC’s office in Chickamauga, Georgia.)

Speed, Speed, Speed

We offer a wide selection of Internet speeds: 

Connection Download Speed Monthly
DSL Internet (with 3 email addresses) Up to 2 Mbps $24.95
DSL Internet (with 3 email addresses) Up to 4 Mbps $32.95
DSL Internet (with 5 email addresses) Up to 6 Mbps $39.95
DSL Internet (with 7 email addresses) Up to 20 Mbps $49.95
Fiber Internet (with 5 email addresses) Up to 50 Mbps $59.95 
Fiber Internet (with 5 email addresses) Up to 200 Mbps $79.95 
1 Gbps: call for pricing and availability    


At-symbol made of fiber optics

That one word means a lot of things to a lot of people.  To some, it is a way to connect to friends and family. To others, it is how they get their news.  To still others, it is where they go to have fun.

For all YOUR reasons to use the Internet, Chickamauga Telephone offers a connection speed to meet your needs.

Yes, We Have Fiber

Some of our competition would like you to think that the telephone company doesn't offer fiber optic connections, but that just isn't true.  We've been providing fiber in the Chickamauga area for years and continue to increase the number of customers whose homes qualify for fiber optic service.  Call 706-375-3195 today to find out if your home qualifies for fiber optic Internet, Television, and Telephone.