Get Rid Of That Antenna!television

CTC-tv offers the following channels in our "Basic Lite" television package for just $29.95:

3- WRCB – NBC  (HD 1003 on CTC fiber optics)
4- WRCB2 – Antenna TV
8- WDSI – This TV
9- WTVC – ABC  (HD 1009 on CTC fiber optics)
11- WTVC2 – Fox  (HD 1011 on CTC fiber optics)
12- WDEF – CBS  (HD 1012 on CTC fiber optics)
13- WDEF2 – Bounce
14- WDEF3 – Escape
15- WTCI – PBS  (HD 1015 on CTC fiber optics)
16- WDEF4- Grit
20- WOOT – Heartland (HD 1020 on CTC fiber optics)
21- WOOT2 – Retro TV
22- WOOT3 – Rev'n
23- WOOT4 – The Action Channel
24- WOOT5 – The Family Channel

Call 706-375-3195 for more details.

DVR and Whole-Home DVRimage of a house

Our optional DVR (Digital Video Recorder) means you don't have to miss your favorite show. With the CTC-TV DVR option, you can set the DVR to record your favorite show, while watching another show.

Add our Whole-Home DVR service to the DVR option and you can use the DVR from any room in which you have a CTC-TV connected television. Did you record your favorite game show on the DVR in the living room? If you did, you would be able to watch it through your CTC-TV connected television in your bedroom thanks to Whole-Home DVR service. Going to bed and realized you forgot to schedule a recording on the DVR in the living room? No worries, just schedule it there from your CTC-TV connected television!


*- DVR record times vary based upon the television program recorded.